Where is God when you need him?

Where's God when you life is hard? -Kerrie


11/17/20212 min read

On what I consider to be the worst day of my life, I headed for home and began to cry out to God for help. It seemed like my whole world was crumbling around me. The dark storm clouds were rolling in, and I was helpless to stop it.

Have you ever had a time like this in your life? Circumstances have overtaken you, people you trusted have let you down, perhaps finances are failing, or your health is suffering.

At times like this it’s easy to feel as though life isn’t worth living. You may feel lost and alone, rejected, misunderstood. There are so many emotions that overwhelm us in times like these.

Some people turn to drink or drugs to drown their sorrows. I turned to God, but where was He in all of this?

As I lay there feeling crushed and broken, suddenly I pictured myself in a little rowing boat out in the middle of the ocean. There was no land in sight, only dark clouds hovering over me. I had no oars, or any means of protection.

Just then, completely unexpectedly, a wonderful sense of peace came over me, and I heard the words in my mind, “underneath are the everlasting arms”.

The comfort I received in that moment carried me through the months of raw agony ahead. I couldn’t pray in the normal way of praying, but many times in the days, weeks and months that followed, I cried out “Lord, hold me steady” – and He did.

He surrounded my life with His love. Yes, there were some bitter moments, a multitude of unanswered questions and ‘friends’ who didn’t understand, but through it all God held me close and provided all that I needed.

This week, my son Matthew posted this photo to Facebook, and immediately it brought back to my mind the emotions of the past and the wonderful words, “underneath are the everlasting arms”.

God has not forgotten you or ignored your cries for help. He has heard it all – your despair and sorrow, your overwhelming pain and grief, your desperation and need for vindication. If you trust Him, He will bring you through the trial out into the sunshine, and you will laugh again.

This all happened thirty years ago. My life since then has been a wonderful journey up hills and through dark valleys, on pathways of lush green grass beside quiet rivers and over wild and untamed open spaces. God has been my rock and mainstay through it all, and one day I will live with Him in a heavenly home, where there is no sorrow or crying and death has lost its sting.

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