Shattered confidence

Learning how to rebound higher out of life's tough circumstances

2/23/20212 min read

CAN you recall a time when you were full of confidence that something would happen... but then it didn't? 

This week I had my first suspicious mole removed. The doctor said it was mainly a precaution but that the mole did indicate some of the warning signs. I feel healthy and am feeling fairly confident that the results will be okay. But I don't know for sure, and to take it too lightly might be unwise.

There are experiences in life that remind us how uncertain life is. Most of the time I feel like everything is going alright. These are the times when I make long term plans, get frustrated at the little things and forget to show people that I care about them.

But then something happens to unnerve us- a reminded that life is short and that there are no guarantees about tomorrow. Like the time I was nearly hit by a speeding car. Or the time my dad was diagnosed with cancer in the brain. Or when a close friend lost their baby.

How can we keep from recoiling in fear or falling into negative thinking when these things happen?

It's times like these when we need hope in something beyond our circumstances. 

Firstly, I think that I need these reality checks. They teach me to be wise. And humble. They teach me how to be kind. In a strange way, though I never want difficult things to happen, when they do, I am okay with it, because I know they can help me to see things as they really are. They make me a better person.

And they cause me to reach out to God. When we think we've got it all together, we don't know that we need God. We don't think we need outside assistance. 

But when things go bad, and I see things I held dear fading away, I'm forced to admit that my life is a fragile gift and that crying out to God for help would be a good idea. 

I was reading my Bible in James chapter 4 today and it talked about being humble before God and drawing close to Him. It talked about God answering our sincere prayers and lifting us up when we're down.

It's easy to get distracted by things that don't matter. To make a big deal out of what won't last. To be over-confident about what we can't control. But life's setbacks are teaching me that when I reach out to God in my low moments, He is able to lift me out and bring me to a much better place than I was before.