A new direction

Kerrie - setting a course for your life


2/28/20212 min read

Have you ever found yourself at a complete standstill in life - needing a new direction?

Perhaps you lost your job, or your marriage ended, you had an accident and now can't do the things you used to do. Most of us come to this point, even maybe several times in the course of our life.  Maybe you are at that point right now.  It's a very uncomfortable place to be.

So what do you do? You can go down the spiral of depression, become addicted to TV, food or any number of other addictive substances or behaviours that will take your mind off your problems - or...you can look for a new direction in life.

Life is waiting to be grasped by those who want to live it to the full. Find direction. Find a new purpose for your life. Now is your big opportunity to try something new and fresh. Your sense of direction and purpose in life will propel you forward into a great new future, if you see it as an opportunity for positive change.

When NASA undertakes a spaceflight program, the flight path is carefully worked out and programmed by experts.  Nevertheless, on its journey through space, the spacecraft will go through many course corrections, to ensure it is on course and heading in exactly the right direction. 

Life is like that. We need a predetermined goal or destination, but we must be prepared for alterations in our proposed direction, course corrections to keep us on track. Sometimes we will have to face a sudden major turn in life that leaves us flailing in all directions, trying to find our balance again. There are a few keys that can help:

Pray and ask the Lord to give you creative ideas.

Talk to a friend - offload all the negative stuff, so you'll be ready to make a fresh start.

Allow time to grieve over the past - just not too much time.

Then pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.

Make some new friends - positive ones - who can help you with creative ideas.

Allow yourself to feel the excitement of the freedom to do something new.

Find something you've always wanted to do and throw yourself into it with passion.

Train yourself to focus and maintain your motivation - those positive friends will help. 

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