Ripped off

When things don't go our way.


2/16/20211 min read

Wow what a tennis match! The colourful Australian was certainly rattling the number 3 ranked player. Ahead by 2 sets and then….

He fought hard but something had changed. That line call that he believed was in his favour but was scored against him. His reaction told it all-the head shaking, the mutterings and the looks at the umpire. He honestly believed he was wronged. Ripped off!

How often have we felt the same? But, but, all the buts in the world don’t change some decisions nor there consequences. How do we handle not getting our own way? How do we handle it when things don’t go our way?

Do we react with indignation? Do we become self-righteous: that state of having or being characterized by a certainty, especially an unfounded one, that one is totally correct or morally superior? May I suggest that the behaviour displayed during the tennis match was self-righteousness? He was right, the technology was wrong therefore the umpire was wrong! He was ripped off! And the consequence: he went off his game. The focus was lost and the unforced errors increased.

Many other tennis champions would have responded differently- keeping their cool, accepting the call and moving on.

We too have this opportunity when dealing with life’s challenges. We can ‘put on the breastplate of righteousness’ - a gift given to us by God. God is a god of integrity. He is just and full of virtue. Therefore, if we shape our life and our actions on Him through following Jesus Christ, we in fact ‘put on the breastplate of righteousness’.

What does this look like? Well, when faced with adversity we remain calm, consider our reaction and behave with grace. Our integrity is kept whole. Yes, it’s hard at first but it does become easier and in fact the longer we practice this lifestyle the more it becomes second nature and our natural response.

So will you accept God’s gift of the salvation, His forgiveness and put on His full armour?