Starting new habits

How to start new habits for a new year.


2/23/20211 min read

Do you remember what it felt like at the start of each school year, when you were a child? It was exciting to catch up with your friends and a little bit scary wondering which teacher you would have. The part I liked best was having new exercise books with clean pages and no mistakes. The problem was that the new books didn’t stay that way for long!

Each new day is a gift from God, a blank sheet upon which we are invited to write a story of faith and righteousness, goodness and love. We can fill the page with happy moments, wise words and good choices.

Of course, there are always options. We can drag across the page the smudges and blots of our yesterdays. We can procrastinate until the whole idea fades into insignificance. We can spoil the opportunity with mean words and unworthy thoughts.

If you watched the video about starting a new habit, then each today is your opportunity. Have you made a decision about your new habit…and have you started? If not, why not take a few minutes right now to make that commitment? It’s good being part of a community online, where you can share your struggles, admit to slip-ups, and enjoy your victories.

- Kerrie