How to be happy

The essentials for a happy life


2/23/20211 min read

Are you having a challenging week? Whatever you are going through, love can improve your situation. If you are feeling unloved, try giving some away! It will come back to you in one way or another.

Remember the basic essentials of happiness:

• Something to do

• Someone to love

• Something to hope for

None of us knows how long we will live. The point is, that we should make the most of every day we have. Every day is a gift of life. What will you do with yours?

Life is too short to spoil it by grumbling and complaining, being angry and upset, holding grudges and other things that spoil our quality of life. We need to take responsibility for our own actions, and not pass the blame off onto others.

I guess we are all busy and tired, rushed and stressed, and that’s when family problems tend to rear their ugly heads - but don't take it out on those you love. Even if they're not treating you well, you'll be surprised at how much a smile and a kind word will do.

Take the time to be a little more patient, a bit more understanding. Really stop and listen to what that person is saying. More than that, try to listen to what they are meaning to say, rather than what they're actually saying.

I can guarantee you will reap the benefits. Smiles are contagious! Love always wins. Yes, you may have to persevere in order to see a change in the other person's attitude - but it will change. Your patience and love will pay off.