After teaching for eleven years, I felt it was time to follow a call I felt towards dedicating myself to nurturing the faith in others. Things came together at the end of 2020 and Haven was born. 

I've come to see myself as a pioneer of sorts. When I'm out running, I love finding new paths and creating new routes. When I was in Far North Queensland, I saw the need for after school activities for kids and started a Youth Group. Haven is my next adventure. 

I watched the movie Greyhound, staring Tom Hanks, recently and could relate with the image of this battleship shepherding cargo ships across a treacherous section of the Atlantic. The world around us can be a treacherous place, and we all need someone looking out for us. I feel a call to be that person for people God places in my life, just as others have been that for me.

Please email me if you're interested in online pastoral support or just someone you can discuss life with.