During the early years I was a Children's Ministry Director, speaking in Schools, Sunday Schools and at Kids Camps and Clubs, and training children's workers throughout Queensland, Australia.

I want people to know and experience the amazing love and kindness of God, who is faithful and patient with us even though we often are slack in our loving and honouring Him, and even though we so often go the way of our own desires rather than following His ways.

I have written a book, “Answer the Call”, which is helpful for anyone involved in serving the Lord, but especially for those starting out in ministry or mission work. It is also a topical reference for those who are mentoring upcoming leaders.

God has been such a wonderful heavenly Father to me as long as I can remember. In my adult years I've experienced my share of traumatic events in my life, but I always found God to be a wonderful Comforter, Teacher, Helper, Father and Friend.